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2017 Fellows

J. Alex Dalessio

Recent: Head of, Co-founder, Board, Advisor @massivesci, Builder @Bionicsolution. Past: Led innovation in 5+ Fortune 500, JD from UC Berkeley, MBA from Oxford.

Davey Gibian

A systems designer, Founder, and humanitarian with experience in cybersecurity, AI, data science, and business growth; developed platforms in active war zones, Silicon Valley, and New York City.

Gil Alterovitz

Clinical, genomics and informatics research. Faculty member at Harvard/MIT and the Computational Health Informatics Program at Boston Children’s Hospital

Jeffrey Starr

Passion for building order out of chaos, mathematician & methodologist, educator in development of self-aware technologies, quant risk advisory and international security, patent holder and start-up founder and entrepreneur. Celebrate the art and science of design and solutions, anticipate and own the human consequences.

Mike Rossetti

Civic technologist, open source software contributor, and adjunct professor of business and computer science.

Nina Bianchi

Strategist, founder, and facilitator. 15 years of experience developing smarter collaborations between industry, academia, and government.

Sandeep Burugupalli

Healthcare strategist and entrepreneur. Formerly on founding teams of digital health and startup initiatives @TexasMedicalCenter, @MassGeneralHospital, @Johnson&Johnson

Stephen Winchell

Physicist, Engineer, Futurist. Complex systems architect.

Stephen Matthew Wisniew

Leader, Entrepreneur, Human-Centered Designer, Operational Designer, Formerly @USArmy @drum10thmtn @173rdAbnBde @82ndABNDiv, Currently CEO, Stephen Matthew Designs, LLC

Zach Goldfine

Generalist, systems thinker, statistical-minded, persistently curious. Formerly Basketball Operations in the NBA, Director / Founder @ Startups, and Political Advocate @ RepresentUS.

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