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Fellows - page 11

Joshua Patterson

Data Scientist at Accenture Tech Labs, passionate about data visualization and making data driven decisions. Economics, UNC and USC (not SoCal).

Erren Lester

Technical and Strategic Product Manager with experience working in startups and large enterprise environments. Infosec, Cloud, Healthcare IT. Comp Sci and MBA from Carnegie Mellon.

Emily Ianacone

Social impact designer and strategist dedicated to helping achieve health equity. MICA & RIT alum.

Alexandra Pelletier

Passionate about creating positive impact with technology. Healthcare digital innovation. Frequent advisor for student STEM projects. Mentor for many start ups. Lives in Boston, but from all over.

Adam Bonnifield

Digital strategist, developer and the co-founder of Spinnakr, a platform for making big data accessible and actionable.

Dr. Tyrone Grandison

Technologist, Change Agent

Timothy Jones

Founder of TBJ Investments, LLC. Entrepreneur and Investor in Data/Analytics. BS/MBA from MIT, M.S. from Georgia State.

Susannah Raub

Software engineer at Google (10 years in Mountain View, New York, and Sydney), visiting faculty at MEST (Ghana), CS at Brown, Bay Area native.

Sarah Brooks

Designer, researcher, writer, educator and advocate for social change – in particular large-scale systems change.

Robert Sosinski

Reactive.IO Founder. Led engineering at Ticket Evolution, Sling Media and Time Inc. Cryptographer at US Air Force. MS at NYU and BS at UMD.