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Fellows - page 12

Rachel Gordon

Manager of Mobile Analytics at The New York Times, Mechanical Engineering and Entrepreneurship at The University of Pennsylvania.

Mikel Maron

Coder/Geographer. Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, GroundTruth, Map Kibera, Moabi. UCSC, U Sussex. Tactfully ignores silos. Maps.

Maia Hansen

Boston-sourced software architect with a penchant for bringing order to chaotic data. CV: Endeca, Crimson Hexagon, Broad Institute, et al.

Lea Shanley

Founder, Commons Lab. Co-Founder, Fed Community of Practice on Crowdsourcing & Citizen Science. GIS & remote sensing, University of Wisconsin

Julia Winn

Founder & CEO of BetterFit Technologies (TechStars Boston), Product Manager at Ginger.io. Computer Science at Harvard College.

Julia Kim

Creating/using media & tech to help people. Former Project Leader, USC Institute for Creative Technologies. History of Science/Harvard Univ.

Jeff Meisel

APIs, Smart Cities, STEM, DC Startup Weekend Winner, NI Dev Relations and Product, 30+ articles, Chungaboo Founder, K-State EECE, UT McCombs

Jeff Chen

Data science at New York City Fire Department, NYC Mayor's Office, Halcrow. Applied Stats, Columbia University. Economics, Tufts University.

Gajen Sunthara

Former White House PIF and USDSer. Director of Innovation R&D at Boston Children’s Hospital, Founder at 1upHealth, and Senior Advisor at Harvard Medical School.

EJ Kalafarski

Former VP of Product at Onswipe. Creator of time-travel app Déjà Vu for iPhone. Brown University and Tufts University. Minimalist.