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Fellows - page 13

EJ Kalafarski

Former VP of Product at Onswipe. Creator of time-travel app Déjà Vu for iPhone. Brown University and Tufts University. Minimalist.

Denice Ross

Data supply chain savant, data.nola.gov founder, apps/data for Katrina recovery. Biology, University of Arizona. Mom of four.

David Naffis

Entrepreneur, developer, systems thinker. Founder of INTRIDEA, Socialspring, Scalr, DCRUG. CompSci at Loyola MD, Systems Engineering at UVA.

Dan Hammer

PhD candidate at UC Berkeley; former Chief Data Scientist at World Resources Institute; environmental economics, mostly in clojure & python

Dr. Clarence Wardell III

Co-founder of tinyGive. Research at CNA Corp. Berkman Ctr. Affiliate. Computer Engineering, Univ. of Michigan. PhD in ISYE at Georgia Tech.

Christopher Wong

NYU Law Engelberg Center on Innovation Law & Policy, Yale Law School Information Society Project, Princeton University Center for IT Policy

Christopher Goranson

@ Interior. Prev. Director of PIIIM, The New School, Lecturer at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Director of GIS Center at NYC Dept Health.

Chris Daggett

Product strategist with a focus on applied behavioral economics. Board member for the Action Design Network and former VP at ideas42.

Bosco So

SF Ruby organizer. Ex Senior Eng at Indiegogo, Orange Labs, CleverMachine, Groundspring, Switchouse, AZ Republic, Ziff, DRI. Comp Sci, MIT.

Ben Getson

Product Management at LivingSocial. Former Software Developer (but constant hobbyist). Startup Mentor at 1776. CS/Information Science, Duke.