How might we help U.S. Department of State better use data to perform its mission of diplomacy?

Helping the U.S. Department of State better utilize data in its communications with foreign citizens to further our foreign policy objectives, bolster our nation's reputation and trust and help State employees better connect with people around the world

State Department Data Insights

The Bureau of International Information Programs (IIP) at the Department of State (DOS) supports people-to-people conversations with foreign publics on U.S. policy priorities. To carry out this mission, IIP leverages digital communications technology to reach across platforms - from traditional forms of communications to new media channels. The bureau takes a strategic, data-driven approach to develop multimedia, digital communications products and to manage an overseas network of bricks-and-mortar American Spaces.

Within IIP, the Office of Analytics seeks to engage and inform foreign publics using world-class analytics. IIP Analytics applies research, establishes and disseminates evidence-based and data-informed best practices at scale drawing on tools and resources from the DOS, U.S. Government and the private sector to understand audiences, plan engagements and measure the results (outputs, outcomes, impact) of Public Diplomacy programs.

IIP is engaging the Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) Program to leverage Fellows’ background in design strategy, entrepreneurship and modern product and service design as a complement to the existing expertise in IIP. Specifically, the office requests 2 Presidential Innovation Fellows to serve as the following:

  • Innovation Lead: Responsible for managing code base. Product Manager, prototyping new and maturing existing software projects. Figures out how to make new and interesting, useful-to-taxpayers products leveraging our comprehensive communications databases and Amazon AWS environment.
  • Experience Lead: Responsible for raising standards of information presentation and product design. Creates style guide and design concepts, builds wire frames for new tech products, generally makes us easier to understand.