How might we help U.S. Department of State become more data driven?

Aiding the U.S. Department of State in leveraging its data as a strategic asset to better gather insights on mission needs, results, and risks.

State, Chief Data Officer

The Department of State seeks a Presidential Innovation Fellow to serve as Chief Data Officer and lead data governance and awareness efforts for the Department. These responsibilities are part of a larger effort of the Department to promote data as a strategic asset

The Fellow will be a “driver of a culture shift” within the organization. He or she should be a “Data Evangelist” who will build support for the collection and use of data to gather insights on mission needs, results, and risks. The Fellow will help people invest in maturing and using agency data, improving data quality, and breaking down silos. The Fellow will engage with each functional bureau, regional bureau, and mission within the Department to reevaluate the list of Department data stewards., in coordination with the Application and Data Coordinators Working Group. The end goal is for those stewards identified to be responsible for all data collected and/or used within their respective mission and bureau, which would provide a foundation for a governance structure for data and knowledge management standards within the Department. Additionally, the Fellow would be in charge of updating the Department’s data catalog, also known as the Enterprise Data Inventory in coordination with the Office of the Chief Architect using Identity and Access Management to authenticate user access. The Fellow will create the necessary conditions by which the Enterprise Data Inventory could be indexed and searched to enable authorized users to perform cross-functional analysis with the Department’s data assets.