About the Fellowship

We understand that outworn programs are inadequate to the needs of our time. So we must harness new ideas and technology to remake our government.

— President Obama, 2nd Inaugural Adddress

The Presidential Innovation Fellows (PIF) program was established by the White House in 2012 to attract top innovators into government, capable of tackling issues at the convergence of technology, policy, and process. Presidential Innovation Fellows serve for 12-months, during which they work on one or several initiatives, working to transform ideas into tangible results in at startup speed. Fellows operate with wide latitude for individual initiative in planning and executing solutions to problem, and spend a significant portion of their time co-working and collaborating with other Fellows. Throughout the program, Fellows receive support from partners and change agents in the White House across various federal agencies.

This highly-competitive program recruits talented innovators and technologists from outside government to work alongside change-makers inside government, creating diverse teams capable of leveraging the best expertise and knowledge available to improve our government.

Discover: Human Centered

We take a citizen-centric approach to problem solving. Applying design thinking, we work to understand how each of us interacts with our government, identifying at the source, the problems we should be solving.

Design: Responsive

We design solutions that can be tested quickly, and improved iteratively, hopefully saving time, effort, and taxpayer money.

Build: Agile Development

We are solving complex problems in a world of changing requirements that requires the ability to form teams quickly, delivering on short cycles, and constant communication between us and the people we're here to serve.

Measure: Learning Metrics

We exist to turn ideas into products and services that improve our government. By measuring our impact

Lean: Validate

Our goal is to create a responsive government with solutions and services that just work, for anyone and everyone. We want success to mean saving lives, saving taxpayer money, fueling job creation, and improving how government serves the people.