Child Welfare Product Hub: Increasing agency access to technology tools that work

We are making a virulent shift towards service delivery and away from reactionary data collection.

- Kevin Ward, Acting Chief Technology Officer for DC's Child and Family Services Agency

Child Welfare Product Hub

State and county child welfare agencies are facing a technology modernization effort around the country. With new information system regulations in place for the first time since 1993, they can now invest in systems that include data interoperability features and more flexible reporting requirements. The Child Welfare Product Hub provides a central digital location to share and find technology tools focused on improving outcomes for children, youth, and families in the foster care system. ACYF will launch this website to help ensure that state and county child welfare agency experts are aware of modern tools that meet their needs. From agency-created apps that supplement mandated reporting systems to nonprofit-created apps that help foster youth transition to adulthood, the product hub will provide visibility across the country for innovative and proven child welfare technology products. Innovation is happening in child welfare, and the product hub will assist in breaking down the silos that prevent dedicated innovators from duplicating efforts and encourage them to build on one another’s successes

Designed by:
5 child welfare agencies
15 former foster youth
200+ subject matter experts