Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long is the Fellowship?

A: The Presidential Innovation Fellowship is a 12-month program, during which a Fellow will work on innovation projects across federal agencies. Fellows and agency partners can mutually agree to extend the Fellowship for up to a total of 4 years.

Q: When can I apply?

A: We are currently accepting applications through April 1st, 2019, for the summer 2019 cohort of Fellows. Candidates can apply at

Q: Where is the Fellowship located?

A: Presidential Innovation Fellows are based in Washington, D.C. area for the duration of the Fellowship. Fellows will spend a portion of their time working at one of the federal agencies to which they are assigned, which are typically in Washington D.C. or the surrounding areas. Additionally, Fellows occasionally co-work and collaborate on projects in space provided by the General Services Administration.

Q: Are there any part-time positions available?

A: At this time we do not allow for part-time positions; working on some of the nation’s biggest challenges is a full-time job.

Q: Do Fellows receive a salary?

A: Yes, the positions are qualified at the GS-15 with a salary range of $134,789 to $164,200 for the Washington DC Metro area.

Q: Does the program provide benefits?

A: Yes, Fellows are considered full time employees, and are eligible to receive health coverage and other benefits through the General Services Administration. You can learn more here.

Q: Is a security clearance necessary?

A: Prior to receiving a final offer from the program, candidates under consideration will be asked to complete a credit check and Moderate Background Investigation. In some cases, Fellows may have to complete higher levels of clearance in order to work at certain agencies or prior to being deployed on certain projects.

Q: Where will I be working?

A: While Fellows are placed across the government, the Presidential Innovation Fellows program is administratively housed in the General Services Administration. All Fellows are hired by the General Services Administration (GSA) then detailed to agencies. All Fellows are based in DC for their year of Fellowship.

Q: How many Fellows are there?

A: The number of Fellows throughout the year varies, depending on the needs of our partner agencies and projects we are supporting. We are currently recruiting 20-25 Fellows for summer 2019.

Q: What skills does the program look for?

A: The Presidential Innovation Fellows program is a competitive process that attracts thousands of interesting and capable candidates each year. Most of our Fellowship positions require ability to work in a modern technical, design and product environment. Many have significant experience and track records of delivering at a very high-level, are proven leaders, and innovative thinkers. We look at domain expertise, functional expertise, and many other factors, including how the overall group will work together.

Q: Does the program accept recommendations?

A: We do not consider recommendations in the application process.

Q: What do Fellows do after they leave the program?

A: Over half of our Fellows have taken roles inside the federal government after completing their Fellowship, and many continue to play important roles in improving the way our government serves the people. PIFs have gone on to become the former U.S. Deputy Chief Technology Officer; the first-ever Chief Marketing Officer of the U.S. Census, the Chief Technology Officer and the first-ever Chief Design Officer at the Department of Veterans Affairs; and many went on to establish 18F at the General Services Administration and the U.S. Digital Service. Many others have returned to the private sector or to launch exciting companies as entrepreneurs.