Presidential Innovation Fellows work on a wide variety of projects during their twelve-month tenure, resulting in multiple opportunities to serve citizens through far reaching or hyper-focused efforts. Projects can be solely focused on supporting agencies, delivering on Presidential priorities, and/or delivering technology that has a cross-agency impact on the federal government.
The program will begin recruiting in early March for a Fall 2018 cohort to continue this work. Some of our past and potential new projects include:

  • How might we help the Department of Commerce create jobs and economic impact by leveraging our federal investments in research and development?
  • How might we help the Department of Transportation leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to make our cities and transportation systems safer?
  • How might we help the Department of Veteran Affairs deliver more veteran-centered services and care?
  • How might we use innovation to help better offer humanitarian assistance in domestic natural disasters?
  • How might the Department of Defense better collaborate with start-ups to access innovative and emerging technologies and solve critical national challenges?
  • How might we help the National Cancer Institute better match cancer patients to life-saving clinical trials?
  • How might we dramatically improve health outcomes by creating the world's largest research cohort through the All of Us Research Program at the National Institutes of Health?
  • How might we help the U.S. Department of Agriculture deliver better end-to-end services to farmers?
  • How might we help the Department of State better analyze and interpret complicated global digital and social media environments and help their colleagues better connect with people around the world?