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Wanmei Ou

Data-driven technologist with experience spanning the full healthcare continuum.

Scott Weiss

Organizational and Systems Designer, Strategist, University Lecturer, Storyteller, Design Thinker and Community Organizer focused on bringing innovative practices and creative partnerships to solve systemic social challenges.

Nina Walia

Experience Design Director for Emerging Platforms

Minh Chau

Former refugee turned child actor, turned investment banker, turned tech entrepreneur.

Michelle Holko

Scientist and disruptive innovator with technical expertise in genomics, bioinformatics, and security. Passionate about implementing novel, results-driven solutions with experts across domains to ensure national and domestic health and biosecurity.

Melissa Keene

Melissa is an Agile, Design, and Product leader with expertise in Government, Finance, and Media.

Likhitha Patha

Product leader and rallier of cross-functional teams with experience in finding simple and innovative software solutions to solve complex problems at scale.

Ken Kato

Thought leader. Technology disruptor. Innovator. Experienced in solving problems from bare metal to cloud. Steeped deeply in agile methods and development. Track record of success as a change agent in highly regulated industries.

Kaeli Yuen

MD and clinical informaticist experienced in research, product management, and health information technologies. Excited about leading data- and compassion-driven transformation of healthcare and medicine.

Joshua Farrar

Helping agencies with digital transformation initiatives, software and enterprise architecture, analytics design, data collection, analysis, and reporting.
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