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Meeting the demands of the future of work and building a more inclusive economy

Advise the U.S. Department of Labor's Chief Innovation Officer on ways to leverage innovative technologies, practices and partnerships that ensure the successful delivery of services and benefits to every worker.

About DOL

The U.S. Department of Labor is a federal cabinet-level department that holds a discretionary budget of almost $15 billion. The mission of the department is to foster an economy and workforce that includes and respects every American. It does this by three primary functions:

  • Invest in the American Worker: Through investments in training, job placement and benefits the Department of Labor invests in workers so that they are prepared for the present and future jobs in the American economy.
  • Protect the American Worker: From ensuring that workers receive promised wages and work in safe workplaces, the Department of Labor regulates over 7 million businesses to protect worker’s right to organize, finances and physical wellbeing.
  • Provide Accurate, Transparent and Insightful Labor Market Information: The Department of Labor through entities like the Bureau of Labor Statistics and others provides important labor data to the federal administration, financial markets and myriad other stakeholders in our economy.

The challenge

How can the U.S. Department of Labor build and deploy effective programs in an equitable and accessible manner that avoids wide scale fraud?

With the passage of historic legislation in the form of the American Rescue Plan and the proposed American Jobs Plan, an administration from the White House and the Department of Labor laser-focused on rebuilding the American workforce, and actors inside and outside of government ready to work in concert to rebuild an better American economy, the Department of Labor and the Chief Innovation Officer is poised to be able to help guide historic change for the benefit of American worker.

DOL is poised to embark on a series of ambitious initiatives to build the labor force back better, modernize the Department to meet the demands of the future of work, and build a more inclusive economy.

The Presidential Innovation Fellow will report to the Chief Innovation Officer (CInO) at the Department of Labor. The PIF will advise the CInO on matters related to innovation technologies and best practices, taking on special projects such as:

  • Optimizing Unemployment Insurance and Setting a Foundation for a Re-Employment System: The President has named unemployment insurance as a top priority. The Presidential Innovation Fellow will work side-by-side with the CInO to create a plan to roll out the four unemployment insurances in the latest stimulus plan in an equitable and accessible manner that avoids wide scale fraud. Additionally, the PIF will support the CInO in working with an already assigned team from USDS to build and vet a service design blueprint for a set of central technology solutions that states can use to better deliver these benefits.
  • Unified Worker Data: Currently, there is no unified way or method to track the outcomes for all the American workers that DOL serves through its investments (benefits, job placement services, training). This is the product of fractured and federated systems at the federal, state and local levels. These systems are also siloed across sectors (higher education, community based organizations, industry). Our goal would be to map out a way to track this data more effectively and roll out this method to states and other stakeholders in short order.