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General Services Administration

Improving data strategy and data management efforts at the General Services Administration

Advising GSA on data strategy and data management, as well as providing analytical and evaluative expertise to ensure data programs are coordinated, comprehensive and strategic.

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About GSA

The GSA IT Enterprise Information and Data Management Division (IDM) advises management on agency-wide performance, data entry design, data warehouse and accessibility, while leading agency-wide data management efforts toward achieving agency goals. They are instrumental in eliminating redundancy and providing a corporate-like, consistent, standardized, high-quality and integrated approach to data management.

The challenge

How might we help GSA IT improve their data strategy and data management efforts?

GSA is looking for a Senior Data Advisor/Chief Data Officer to advise management on matters related to: Agency-wide performance data entry design, data warehousing, data collection, data dissemination, data management and data accessibility. The PIF will provide analytical and evaluative expertise to ensure data programs are coordinated, comprehensive and strategic.

The senior level advisor will lead efforts towards achieving Agency-wide effort goals of eliminating redundancy and providing a strategic corporate-like, consistent, standardized, high-quality integrated approach to data management. They will ensure the sharing of best practices so that GSA can increase openness and sharing of data. Additionally, the fellow will share industry and government knowledge on how to better manage government data efforts and provide recommendations on how to improve the manner in which GSA manages and publishes data, as well as how it measures the data quality, access and usage.

The fellow will be the GSA-wide expert for development, implementation, and enhancement of GSA-wide data management activities that involve in-depth expert and technical knowledge in planning, selecting, analyzing, evaluating, controlling and monitoring of data management. The PIF will lead projects requiring data management expertise across the agency by building an asset inventory, working with other Federal agencies, such as DOD, on data sharing projects, and increasing the number of open application programming interfaces (APIs).

The Fellow will also act as a liaison with persons and/or groups within and outside of the organization on data management. Independently or leading a team, the senior level advisor, will conduct complex evaluation studies that focus on one-of-a-kind, unique or controversial issues related to data management that may be cross- cutting over several GSA offices as well as other Federal agencies. The fellow will also utilize expert persuasive techniques to effectively change the opinions of high level GSA executives/managers and gain acceptance and implementation of recommendations.