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National Institute of Standards and Technology

Accelerating federally funded R&D and science to market

Assisting the National Institute of Standards and Technology within the Department of Commerce as they connect federal technology transfer with private funding for commercialization


About NIST

Working with industry and science to advance innovation and improve quality of life.

The challenge

How might we help the Department of Commerce create jobs and economic impact by leveraging our federal investments in research and development?

The Technology Partnerships Office (TPO) at NIST performs a critical role in coordinating interagency activities as part of the Lab to Market Cross Agency Priority (CAP) goal. The Lab to Market CAP goal is to improve the transfer of technology from federally funded research and development (R&D) to the private sector to promote U.S. economic growth and national security. TPO enables technology transfer to promote US competitiveness both for NIST and across the Federal government for the Department of Commerce.

As part of the Lab to Market CAP goal and the NIST Return on Investment initiative, both activities with a shared goal of improving technology commercialization and increasing private sector investment in later-stage R&D, NIST TPO is seeking PIFs with experience in connecting technology ventures with private funding for investment and commercialization. Candidates must have experience in venture capital funding and angel investing. NIST PIFs will provide critical input into the Lab to Market CAP sub-goals of identifying regulatory impediments in capital investment in R&D enterprises, increasing engagement with private sector investors, and supporting innovative tools, services, and processes for technology transfer. PIFs will assist in efforts to inform the federal agencies on best practices for working with seed funds, venture capital groups, equity investors, angel investors, and other sources of private venture funds. PIFs will help to supply critical knowledge to the federal technology transfer enterprise to help their colleagues understand the requirements for raising private capital. PIFs will also assist in efforts to connect venture capital groups to the ongoing technology transfer efforts at federal agencies to bolster the successful outcomes of commercialization activities. PIF efforts will result in work products such as white papers on best practices and recommendations for enhancing private capital investors’ interest in federal technology transfer; reports following engagement with interagency groups and private capital groups; and support on NIST efforts for legislative, regulatory, and policy changes in federal technology transfer activity as part of the NIST Return on Investment Initiative.

For these projects, NIST is looking for the PIFs to have backgrounds in science and technology, venture capital (private or corporate), angel investing, finance, technology transfer and/or tech transfer legislation.