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United States Marine Corps

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Logistics digital transformation at USMC

United States Marine Corps

Helping the USMC conduct a digital and data transformation to improve logistics and keep our nation’s Marines safe

About USMC

The Marine Corps Deputy Commandant for Installations and Logistics (DC I&L) is responsible for formulating Marine Corps logistics plans, policies, and concepts, exercising staff supervision over joint and Marine Corps logistics matters, logistics manpower matters, logistics analysis, mobility, lift requirements, sustainability productivity, material readiness, logistics information systems, security assistance, fiscal matters for appropriate division sponsored programs, and coordinating the logistics aspects of prepositioning programs.

The challenge

How might we help the USMC modernize all areas of logistics: people, process and technology?

Project description

The last ten years have seen an exponential increase and availability of tech enablers, specifically in the area of logistics planning and operations. Unfortunately, the traditional processes inherent in DoD have caused late adoption, inconsistent performance, and inefficient investments throughout Logistics Enterprise IT. Because of this, I&L is pursuing modernization across all areas of logistics: people, process, and technology. However, I&L has struggled to date to create the proper conditions for the Logistics IT Portfolio to be rapidly modernized through adoption of industry-standard best practices and contemporary technologies. Much of this failure is due to a lack of appropriate technical aptitude paired with the right senior leader oversight for rapid decision making.

In order to catalyze this effort, DC I&L is conducting a digital transformation aimed at leveraging contemporary technology and processes to improve USMC logistics. The transformation will be measured by logistics and defense industry standards, including the ability to sustain innovation through agile IT acquisition practice, as well as emergent defense concepts and requirements. DC I&L is looking to bring in experienced technologists through the Presidential Innovation Fellows program to advise the Marine Corps logistics senior leaders in the assessment, planning, and execution of this transformation. These individuals will have the scope and authority to investigate any and all barriers towards digital transformation. Drawing on their experience working with C-level leaders and their extensive technology background, fellows will be responsible for reviewing, enhancing, and augmenting current capabilities; integrating emergent technologies; adapting business practices to more effectively manage the entire logistics IT systems portfolio, and increasing the speed of technology adoption and fielding in the Marine Corps.