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Department of Veterans Affairs

Supporting a discrimination-free environment for all VA employees

Creating solutions to support the Department of VA/ORM product lines overall mission include an integrated approach of data science and strategic communication.

About VA

The Office of Resolution Management (ORM) at Department of Veterans Affairs promotes a healthy working environment through prevention, resolution, and processing of workplace disputes, including complaints of discrimination. We foster prevention by ensuring that managers and staff are educated on the elements of a healthy working environment. ORM has resolution experts who promote and deliver alternative dispute resolution techniques for all workplace disputes, including alleged equal employment opportunity (EEO) discrimination. In cases where resolution cannot be reached informally, ORM processes complaints of EEO discrimination in a timely and proficient manner.

The challenge

How might we help the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs better support VA employees who submit cases of discrimination and create an environment for all VA employees?

The mission of the Office of Resolution Management (ORM) at Department of Veterans Affairs is to prevent and resolve conflict, disputes and harassment; and, foster a civil, diverse, inclusive work environment that enables our customers to serve our nation’s veterans. As part of this effort, the Department of VA/ORM is seeking Presidential Innovation Fellows to work on the following challenges:

  • Transition: Office of Resolution Management manages many challenges around the collection, management, and oversight of cases of discrimination for today's VA employees. How can we ensure from a Human-Centered Design and Customer Experience leadership perspective that the Department of VA/ORM is providing the right services and products to assist VA employees in understanding their rights, outreach efforts, and end-to-end management of those cases: what it looks like to the Department of VA/ORM employees and the journey of the VA employee?
  • APIs: As the second largest discrimination management program office in the Federal Government, VA has massive and valuable data. How can the Department of VA/ORM use data science to understand and predict based on insights they collect?

For these projects, the Department of VA/ORM is looking for the following skill sets: digital strategy, human-centered designer, enterprise design thinking, customer experience, data scientist with end-to-end (acquire, prepare, analyze, act) and change management expertise, product management, and management consulting.