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Aamir Virani


Aamir Virani headshot

Building products. Building teams. Defining processes (but not too much!).

Aamir Virani is a born-and-raised proud Houstonian who now lives in Oakland, California. He is an engineer at heart. He likes building new things to make people more effective and free their time. He loves building teams and optimizing processes to make things better.

Aamir has worked at small private startups that blew up (in a bad way) and blew up (in a good way). He was Co-Founder and SVP-Product at Dropcam, which established the home monitoring camera and cloud video analysis market. In 2015, Dropcam was acquired by Google Nest and rebranded as Nest Cam and the Nest Aware service. He has also worked at big public companies and invested in technology startup companies as an angel and venture investor.

Aamir is especially thankful to be a husband to Mariam and father to two young boys, Aydin and Mikail. I am trying to convince them to be Houston Rockets fans.