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Alison Rowland


Alison Rowland headshot

civic hacking & big data. postgresql. musician, linguist, foodie, parent.

Alison is an experienced developer who has focused her career on the application of open-source software to civic data. As a Software Developer and Data Scientist at the Sunlight Foundation, Alison led their flagship project, Influence Explorer, an initiative to connect the dots of political influence across datasets at both the Federal and state levels. Alison is passionate about bringing agile development strategies and solid database development to the non-profit and government sectors. Before joining Sunlight Foundation in 2010, Alison was part of a TV-viewing analytics team that developed and maintained the world’s largest commercial PostgreSQL database at that time. Alison grew up in Long Island, NY, and studied linguistics and music at Stony Brook University. She lives in Maryland with her husband, Isaac, and their two-year-old daughter, Evelyn.