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Altin Ilirjani, Ph.D.


Altin Ilirjani, Ph.D. headshot

Lifelong learner, strategist, and innovator connecting people with technology to solve society’s critical problems.

Altin Ilirjani is a social scientist with research and leadership experience in data science, analytics scale-up, digital transformation, technology and innovation management, and randomized controlled trial experiments. He has worked in academic and private sectors, the World Bank, and as a research and science manager for the federal government. Altin is a founder or co-founder of several organizations and start-ups in technology, international consulting, and research, bringing together academics and technology partners to solve mission-critical problems in higher education, development, and global public health. He has successfully founded from ground-zero two units within US federal government tasked to scale up data analytics, digital design, research, innovation, and evidence-based solutions in public policy. Altin was the first Senior Global Health Data Strategist at USAID, serving as the lead data scientist for the largest U.S. Government foreign assistance sector (over US$3 billion/year), supporting data analytics, digital designs, research, and evaluation work of over 1,000 staff in 80 countries. Altin has an MS degree in Management of Information Technology and a Ph.D. in political science. He has worked for or held teaching and research fellowships at the University of North Carolina, Duke University, the European University Institute in Italy, and the London School of Economics.