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Andrea Levy


Andrea Levy headshot

Big-picture thinker; passionate about using data to understand the world.

Andrea Levy (she/her) is a data scientist who is passionate about helping people use data to make decisions.

As a PIF, Andrea has spent her time enabling government organizations to make data-informed decisions. In her first year, she worked with the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Region 9 Office to establish the first centralized regional data analytics team at FEMA. There she helped hire new data practitioners into the Region and set up the processes and tools to make them successful. She currently works with Treasury to support the data modernization efforts of the Inflation Reduction Act.

Prior to PIF, Andrea was the Technical Lead on the Data Science and Analytics team at Alation, where she worked to enable teams throughout the organization to use data to make better decisions. She calculated metrics, built models, performed analyses, and helped others do the same, and she also developed a data onboarding curriculum to teach data skills and awareness to Alation’s new employees. Andrea enjoys teaching others the skills of data and analytics and how it can be used to make better decisions. She has also taught classes on the skills and techniques of data analytics through Northeastern University.

PIF is not Andrea’s first experience working with the federal government; she previously worked for Acumen, LLC., a government contractor studying the effects of Medicare policy changes in near-real time with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Andrea graduated from Harvey Mudd College, where she studied mathematics and the impact it can have on the world. She currently resides in Burlingame, California.