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Dr. Beverly Park Woolf


Dr. Beverly Park Woolf headshot

Research Professor, UMass; Develops software that models users affect and cognition; Publishes data-rich, adaptive and engaging software.

Beverly is a Research Professor at the University of Massachusetts where she develops software tutors that combine artificial intelligence, network technology, and multimedia to model students’ affective and cognitive characteristics and deliver dramatically effective instruction. She is internationally known as a founder and leader of the field of intelligent tutoring systems and as an expert in science and mathematics learning, education, data mining, machine learning, analytics, and student evaluation. She wrote the textbook “Building Intelligent Interactive Tutors” and was lead author of “Roadmap to Education Technology.” Beverly believes that education should be a civil right for all people and she addresses the gap between what exists in our traditional educational system and the potential of personalized, engaging, social, embodied, and accessible digital instruction. She is committed to making data-rich quality instruction freely available for learners and works towards providing opportunities for all people, including populations poorly served by education. Her current focus is on Internet-scale systems that balance students’ learning across many environments and support students to learn rapidly and form new learning communities. Beverly lives with her husband in Amherst, MA, where they raised two daughters.