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C.C. Gong


C.C. Gong headshot

Product leader and community builder, creating social impact through organizational transformation and human-centered design.

C.C. is a product leader who has built cross-functional, global teams to bring innovation to a wide variety of technology products, from the augmented reality HoloLens device to consumer apps like Facebook Messenger, used by 1.6 billion people worldwide.

With a degree in Psychology and Economics from Harvard, C.C. has been passionate about leveraging organizational transformation and user research to build great teams and digital experiences.

C.C. started her career developing revenue forecasting models and analyzing network performance for Bing, Microsoft’s search engine. While she appreciates data-driven decision making, she quickly realized the power of harnessing human-centered design to build better experiences, and she went on to lead various product teams at Microsoft and Facebook, such as an incubation team for Windows Mixed Reality and the Search team in Facebook Messenger. C.C. is inspired by technology’s power to drive societal change and improve people’s lives.