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Chuck Borges


Enabling Digital Transformation through Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication.

Chuck Borges (he/him) is a retired US Navy Commander, who spent the final 10 years of his naval career in federal acquisition, focused on data and analytics management. Before his transition from service, he served as Naval Air Systems Command’s first Data Officer, where he stood up multiple data and analytics cells, and also held roles in software/hardware integration, systems engineering, and program management. He was most recently employed at a multinational professional services network as a specialist in digital strategy and analytics.

Chuck has an MBA from the University of Maryland, an undergraduate degree in Astronomy from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and is a graduate of the US Naval Test Pilot School. His interests include camping, science fiction, ancient history, and philosophy, and when he isn’t playing Legos or board games with his 5 year old son Joey and wife Deborah, he can be found mainlining history podcasts.