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Chuck Borges


Chuck Borges headshot

Enabling Digital Transformation through Collaboration, Creativity, and Communication.

Chuck Borges (he/him) is a retired US Navy Commander who spent the final 10 years of his naval career in federal acquisition empowering DoD users to better leverage and exploit data and analytics. He has focused specifically on standing up new capability and offices, from writing data strategy and developing Enterprise governance models, to standing up tactical data and analytics cells to drive real-time business insights. He was most recently employed at a multinational professional services network as a specialist in digital strategy and analytics

As a PIF, Chuck has been focused on enabling the CDC’s Data Modernization Initiative through the development of a strategic direction in an updated Implementation Plan. To accomplish this, he worked across the agency to collaboratively develop cross-functional objectives and key results, align those OKRs to planned and ongoing activity, developed accountability structures, and identified critical measures of progress and effectiveness. He was then key in integrating the use of collaborative tools across the agency DMI and Moving Forward efforts, so that progress could be tracked and managed collaboratively, as well as conceptualizing and developing a central information portal, allowing CDC and DMI leadership to understand progress towards public health outcomes across both technical and business areas.

Working part-time with the EOP/OMB Data Team as a special project, Chuck has also been instrumental in developing updates to the Evidence Act, the Federal Data Strategy Action Plan, and various other OMB products and circulars.

Chuck has an MBA from the University of Maryland, an MS from the University of Tennessee, and an undergraduate degree in Astronomy/Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He is a Certified Data Management Professional (CDMP) and a graduate of the Aspen Tech Policy Hub’s Tech Executive Leadership Initiative. His interests include camping, science fiction, ancient history, and tabletop board games.