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Clarice Chan


Clarice Chan headshot

Social impact technologist applying user-centered design to solve human-centered problems at scale.

Clarice is a product strategist solving usability problems at scale. Graduating from UCLA with a background in Design and Film, Clarice began her career as a creative storyteller. She set out to use new media as a means of inspiring positive change in the world. But as she became more immersed in technology, she realized she could affect greater change by improving the usability and accessibility of everyday digital experiences. Working at the intersection of user-centered design and product management, she ultimately strives to bring clarity to complex problems.

A passionate self-starter, Clarice has a penchant for pitching, securing, and driving new areas of growth. She thinks the most important problems our society faces aren’t always the most technical. Today, Clarice splits her time impacting the private, public, and non-profit sectors. She believes each sector plays a critical role in the progress and health of ensuring our future. Prior to Government, Clarice worked at Disney, Adobe, NASA, and Microsoft. She has devoted her career to mission-driven organizations that ultimately inspire and empower the human spirit.