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Daniel Jason


Daniel Jason headshot

Shaping the future with data, technology, and professional collaboration.

Daniel Jason (he/him) is an engineer and data scientist with twelve years of professional experience tackling some of the biggest technology challenges in the federal healthcare and aerospace domains. He is passionate about cutting edge technology and the rapidly changing landscape of information science. Daniel is dedicated to continuous learning, leadership, and public service, and he has focused his career on addressing the engineering challenges with the largest impact to public health and safety.

Highly motivated by collaboration, teaching, and learning from others, he seeks to drive organizational change by empowering and enabling the people around him through the use of scalable processes and technology. He seeks to leverage his passion for big data, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and information system architecture technology to create a positive impact on the world.

Daniel graduated from Iowa State University in the field of Computer Engineering. He then went on to complete the Lockheed Martin Engineering Leadership Development Program while simultaneously earning his Master’s degree in Information Systems Engineering from Johns Hopkins University. He has made significant contributions in big-data analysis and healthcare record interoperability for a number of organizations in the public sector.