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Davey Gibian


Davey Gibian headshot

A systems designer, Founder, and humanitarian with experience in cybersecurity, AI, data science, and business growth; developed platforms in active war zones, Silicon Valley, and New York City.

As an innovator, David’s diverse career has spanned active war zones, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley. He is best known for creating organizations that blend advances in technology with new organizational methods to solve critical human-centric challenges globally. He is a specialist in interdisciplinary strategy for data science, cybersecurity, geospatial information systems, and AI.

David is a dynamic entrepreneur and executive. Prior to the White House, he served as the Director of Growth for 0ptimus Consulting, a data science and AI platform. Before being tapped to grow 0ptimus, he was on the business development team at Palantir Technologies and was responsible for data integration across US Government clients.

David is well known as the Cofounder of Office:MG, an applied data laboratory. Office:MG’s work created solutions that improved public infrastructure in New York City, enabled humanitarian responses in the Middle East, applied data science to political campaigns, and provided situational awareness in areas of crisis in sub-Saharan Africa. In tandem with Office:MG, David teamed up with researchers at Carnegie Mellon and in 2015, he cofounded the software platform Symkala, which applies breakthrough robotics technologies to unstructured dark data, driving a new direction in geospatial information systems (GIS).

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, David worked in finance as an investor and investment banker. He is a graduate of Columbia University. He is a restaurant investor and a cofounder in the women’s fashion line, Newcomen.