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Devin Brande


Devin Brande headshot

Technologist and innovator developing and delivering next generation solutions for everyday users. Experienced blending policy development with technical execution.

Devin is a technologist and innovator working to bring the state of the art to users who face new and difficult challenges every day.

As a PIF, Devin currently works with the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) helping to drive digital transformation for global, no-fail missions. Previously, he helped lead policy development and modernization for the Department of the Navy around cloud computing, data strategy, and AI/ML.

Prior to PIF, Devin was Director of Product Management for Orbital Insight, leading product management for the Orbital Insight global public sector business, encompassing a suite of cutting edge products focused on data processing and labeling for advanced applications of computer vision, computer vision algorithm development, and large-scale geospatial analytics in both cloud-hosted and on-premise compute environments, providing integrated, end-to-end capabilities.

As a technology investor with In-Q-Tel, Devin managed a $60M+ portfolio of investments in 30+ companies spanning the entire funding lifecycle from seed to late stage, including several successful exits, and helped found the In-Q-Tel commercial space market team, focused on developing strategic guidance for emerging trends in commercial space.

Devin has a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI) and an M.S. in engineering sciences from Dartmouth College.