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Geoff Mulligan


Helped design the ARPAnet, IPv6 and created 6lowpan and the embedded Internet. Chairman of the IPSO Alliance. US Rep on Smart Cities.

Geoff is a technology consultant focused on the Internet of Things, RF Sensors, IPv6, IP networks and open systems. He helped design IPv6 and is notable for developing the Embedded Internet and creating the 6LoWPAN protocol. He was a founder of the Zigbee Alliance and founded and is Chairman of the IP for Smart Objects Alliance. Previously he worked on sensor network projects for the US Department of Defense, government agencies and various corporations, as well as numerous Smart Energy and SmartGrid projects. Geoff received his MS from the University of Denver and BS from the United States Air Force Academy. He holds over 15 patents in network security and electronic mail and testified before Congress on Electronic Commerce and Computer Security. He lives in Colorado with his family and enjoys hiking fourteeners.