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Janine Medina


Janine Medina headshot

Listening, Asking questions, Research, Understanding, Action

Janine has over 16 years of experience in biotechnology, biomedical and security with a focus of Health Care. Her work in health care has seen her deal with the complexities of modernization of complex legacy systems within the healthcare industry, this included but are not limited to infrastructure, legacy system integration and EHR (electronic healthcare records).

Janine is also the Executive Director for one of the Biohacking village which has grown to be one of the largest villages to partake in DEF CON which is held every year in Las Vegas. Her passion and work on various advisory boards has seen her work on the Department of Defense (DoD) Technology Transfer Advisory Board in New York City, and Digital Medical (DiMe) Society Strategic Advisory Board in which she weighs in on various elements where technology intersects health care. She advocates for the patient and healthcare practitioners.In her spare time she not only breaks, she builds and finds solutions to the problems plaguing the healthcare and biomedical industry, ask her about the microfluidics device she is building. Janine worked as a Scientist in Residence at the New York Academy of Sciences.

Janine has worked at a big financial entity where she identified and explored emerging threat technologies whilst coordinating with internal groups and larger projects. She focused on engineering, procurement, technical data architecture, process developments and business Ops portfolio management. She was involved in various projects such as the Software Bill of Materials, Ideation forums, Bug Bounties, and Enterprise Threat modeling, Global Technology and Operations Cybersecurity Threat Insight for Senior Leadership Teams, Technology Evaluations, ConOps and SoP.