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Jasmine Miles


Jasmine Miles headshot

Passionate about innovation, change, strategy, and growth.

Jasmine Miles, a Florida A&M University graduate, holds a B.S. in Business Administration and an MBA specializing in marketing. Outside her career, she indulges in outdoor sports like tennis, rock climbing, and ziplining, alongside being a Certified Personal Trainer. Analytical and adept at devising strategies, she thrives on solving intricate problems.

Beginning her career journey with Johnson & Johnson (J&J), Jasmine completed a demanding accelerated IT Leadership Development Program, valuing diverse skill sets to broaden her perspectives. After six and a half years at J&J, she transitioned to PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) as a Sr. Associate, enhancing her Risk Assurance proficiency while leading teams and aiding external entities in risk management.

Subsequently, she joined JPMorgan Chase in a Strategy & Innovation role, contributing to smarter, faster, and more efficient job execution. Transitioning to Citibank, she tackled process inefficiencies within the HR domain, documenting processes and addressing audit findings.

Jasmine’s immediate objectives include advancing professionally, gaining industry-specific experience, and maintaining a positive impact on her community through her transferable skills.