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John Felleman


John Felleman headshot

Using design think to Agilely create GSA's Acquisition Gateway. Private sector software and internet survivor. MIT, Boston College.

John has devoted his career to making technology serve people, including his work developing products used by small- and micro-sized businesses to help them manage their finances and connect with customers. His recent passion is creating fabulous user experiences for mobile devices and browsers for individuals trying to share and manage their daily life tasks. His prior positions reflect broad experience across many disciplines, including recent work at the NASA Ames Research Center, writing software for the next generation of air traffic control. As a Product Leader at Intuit, he led the group helping to create web-based products for small businesses. John also worked at Adobe, where he was deeply involved in PDF document sharing technology. He has a BA in Engineering from MIT and an MBA from Boston College. John is married and has two grown children and makes his permanent home in the San Francisco area.