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Jordan Eccles


Jordan Eccles headshot

Lifelong scientist applying analysis to critical energy and environment challenges.

Jordan Eccles is a digital technologies and data science professional with over a decade of experience working to transform processes and tools in the Department of Defense, focusing on installations, energy, and environment. He has provided support for projects in energy logistics, operations research, and modeling and simulation. He most recently worked with the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Air Force for Operational Energy, developing approaches for maximizing combat capability by optimizing fuel use. Dr. Eccles previously supported the Air Force Encroachment Management and Community Partnership programs, analyzing impacts of initiatives on mission operations at over forty installations and identifying options for energy resilience in coordination with community stakeholders. Prior to working with the Air Force, he helped found a startup working in credit card security and served as its Chief Technology Officer and worked as a postdoctoral associate and adjunct professor at Duke University, researching topics in the energy and environment space. Dr. Eccles also served as a Surface Warfare Officer in the US Navy and a high school science and math teacher in Raleigh, NC.