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Justin Cole


Genuine unabashed curiosity about how people, process, and technology work.

Justin Cole has dedicated his career to playing the role of translator - whether helping translate between clinicians and data scientists in the design of an AI support tool at IBM, or between seasoned street sweeper operators and civic technologists to design a better application with Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Works. He loves making real human connections by “getting out of the building” and meeting and empathizing with users, anticipating where there may be gaps in understanding, and proactively addressing them to facilitate meaningful conversations. He enjoys building high-performing teams, elevating the work of others, and helping to make connections to draw new insights.

He most recently served as a Managing Consultant at IBM, and before that worked in the areas of economic development and disaster recovery, helping local, state, and Federal government agencies recover from Hurricane Sandy and be more resilient to future disasters.

Justin has a Master of Science in Public Policy & Management (Data Analytics) from Carnegie Mellon University and a BA in Economics and Policy Studies from Syracuse University. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) and is a Board member of Community Tax Aid, a nonprofit that provides free tax preparation for low-income individuals.