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Likhitha Patha


Likhitha Patha headshot

Product leader and rallier of cross-functional teams with experience in finding simple and innovative software solutions to solve complex problems at scale.

Likhitha is inspired by the pervasive problems that surround our everyday-life and is fueled by a passion to solve them by building products that deliver simple experiences to boost productivity. Her product philosophy is to start with a well articulated vision, develop with rapid iteration cycles coupled with a tight feedback loop and measure progress via simple and understandable metrics. She specializes in leveraging cloud services and artificial intelligence to bring new product ideas to life and maturing them to scale.

Prior to Government, Likhitha worked at Amazon and Microsoft. At Amazon, Likhitha focused on advancing the state-of-the-art of Alexa’s Natural Language Understanding stack by working at the intersection of research, engineering and customers to deliver delightful voice assistant experiences. At Microsoft, Likhitha worked on enhancing endpoint management experiences for enterprise and education (Ed-Tech) customers where she was a founding member of the product team that launched Microsoft Intune for Education. She also worked on improving developer experience on Visual Studio by building qualitative and quantitative data platforms.

Likhitha graduated from Virginia Tech with a bachelors in Electrical Engineering, received a graduate certificate in Machine Learning from University of Washington and is currently pursuing a part-time masters in Computer Science from Georgia Tech.