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Maia Hansen


Boston-sourced software architect with a penchant for bringing order to chaotic data. CV: Endeca, Crimson Hexagon, Broad Institute, et al.

Maia is an experienced software engineer and architect who enjoys bringing order to chaotic data and enabling effortless human-computer interactions. She has spent the majority of her career developing enterprise software, and her dedication to open source principles and practices led her to co-found the Open Development Group at information retrieval pioneer Endeca (now Oracle). As an early developer and architect at Crimson Hexagon, she helped companies distill meaning and actionable insight from the Internet’s labyrinthine plethora of social media data. Most recently, Maia worked to support cutting-edge research at the New York Genome Center and the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard, where she developed genomic analysis software that provides scientists with access to and understanding of the increasingly massive datasets used to investigate disease-causing microbes and the mechanics of human illness. She first learned to code in the 20th century, and still has a soft spot for Commodore 64s. Maia, her two chinchillas, and her two cats hail from Boston, Massachusetts.