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Michael Balint


Michael Balint headshot

Hacker with a love for creating cutting edge systems. Architected clinical trials API @theNCI. First engineer @DataFox, formerly @Accenture and @LockheedMartin. @Cornell alum.

If you ask Michael, there is nothing more satisfying than an elegant solution to a complex problem. At DataFox, one of Michael’s many projects included indexing the snarls of data his company collected so that users could type in their search criteria and receive an elegant list of exactly what they were looking for. Previously, at Lockheed Martin, he coded elegant algorithms for air traffic control, visualized the USA’s energy grid infrastructure, and helped automate melanoma detection. When Michael isn’t designing and implementing elegant solutions to complex problems, he’s capturing the elegance of the world around him through his favorite Leica lens. The son of refugees who came to the United States in search of a better life, Michael is both proud of and grateful for this country. He is especially excited for this opportunity to use his expertise to make this country an even more beautiful - and elegant - place.