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Mollie Ruskin


Designer of many stripes: visual, user experience, service design, HCD. Previously of non-profit/campaigns. Currently at US Digital Service.

Mollie is a cross-sector designer and organizer, dedicated to creating human-centered solutions to wicked social challenges. Most recently, Mollie was leading creative projects at Reboot, a social impact service design and innovation firm focused on governance and development. Her career began in the non-profit sector, where after serving as a National PolitiCorps Fellow with the Bus Project, Mollie orchestrated voter registration and GOTV efforts, organized young people around Federal climate policy, and created integrated communications plans for public health-advocacy efforts. She served as the aide to State Representative Jefferson Smith, managing broad coalitions of diverse policy advocates and legislators. Mollie was a participant in the SVA Impact! Design for Social Change residency and has designed print and web materials for countless campaigns, non-profits, and small businesses. Mollie lives in Brooklyn, NY, and holds a BA in Media Studies from Pomona College.