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Rachel Gordon


Manager of Mobile Analytics at The New York Times, Mechanical Engineering and Entrepreneurship at The University of Pennsylvania.

Rachel graduated from the University of Pennsylvania majoring in Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics and minoring in Engineering Entrepreneurship. At Penn she pursued her passion for dance with the community involvement group CityStep, which she is helping establish in Trenton. Rachel has developed EHR software to enable Health Care Act compliance as well as other patient accessibility projects, including a Computerized Neurocognitive Battery used for research in the Army STARRS Project. She has consulted on business requirements, architecture, and UI of mobile productivity and advising applications for Investment Banking and Corporate clients. Rachel recently served as Manager of Mobile Analytics at The New York Times, providing data-driven insights regarding cross-platform use and app feature performance, to generate marketing and newsroom strategy. Rachel supported stakeholders as they prepared for the Sochi Olympics and the World Cup, and participated in the NYT Now and NYT Opinion launches developing and maintaining key performance metrics.