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Robert Goldel


Founder, Neuroscientist, Data-Driven Technologist. Two decades of working at the intersection of cognition, behavior, and the brain, solving for human health and performance concerns with industry, non-profit, and government partners across populations.

Robert Goldel is a founder, neuroscientist, and data-driven technologist. His research has applied behavioral and neuroimaging methods to analyze core brain functions, including memory, learning, attention, and decision making. At Neumitra, his team launched the first smart watch to measure and manage the physiology of the autonomic nervous system with real-time biofeedback and self-learning software. Working with designers, engineers, and researchers, their technologies applied continuous biosensor data to personalize devices and software with statistical learning on mobile phones and backed by cloud-based analytics. Their software and algorithms showed how artificial intelligence can respond with empathy to manage brain health and cognitive functions across daily life demands for diverse populations.

Robert’s work has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the National Institutes of Health, Breakout Labs at the Thiel Foundation, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and the founders and innovators of Boston Scientific, General Magic, iRobot, SmartCells, and Yahoo. His research and technologies have focused on applying continuous data streams to new types of software and user experiences for better understanding the human brain. As a Rock Health and MassChallenge alumnus, Robert has been inspired by efforts that catalyze ecosystems and infrastructures to build, grow, and sustain organizations for impacts and the people behind them. He is passionate about answering questions in daily brain functions, as for knowledge workers, families, enterprises, national defense, and social impacts towards advancing educational metrics, improving health, optimizing productivity, and increasing life expectancy.