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Rupam Jyoti Sarmah, Ph.D.


Rupam Jyoti Sarmah, Ph.D. headshot

Visionary leader, scientist, humanitarian; shaping future, connecting people with technology.

Dr. Rupam Sarmah is a visionary leader with 25 years of experience working in public and private sectors on data modernization, AI, media, and health research tackling challenges with innovation. Rupam aims to contribute to humanity through equitable and accessible technology solutions.

Rupam has founded technology startups and non-profit organizations, creating platforms for individuals with developmental disabilities and underprivileged children, promoting inclusion and diversity. Rupam has collaborated with people from all walks of life in over 30 countries and positively impacted people’s lives. Rupam recently served as Chief Technology Officer for the State of California’s agency to build transformative healthcare solutions. Rupam led digital transformation and global infrastructure for startups and Fortune-5 companies.

Rupam migrated to the U.S. after completing his Engineering degree in Assam, India. He then completed a Master’s in Computer Science, Master’s in Management, Executive Program at MIT, and Doctorate in Engineering from George Washington University, researching Artificial Intelligence and Autism.

Rupam is passionate about ARPA-H’s vision of finding cures for cancer, Alzheimer, etc. A student of life, he is touched by societal problems which challenge him to collaborate and advance interdisciplinary research.

In his creative time, Rupam likes to compose music and produce films for social impact.