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Ryan Fiorentino


Designer, founder, and corporate innovation leader. Equipping multidisciplinary teams to design industry defining products and services, navigate ambiguity, and mediate forces of market, organization, and business transformation.

Ryan is a corporate innovation leader who focuses on complex strategic initiatives and multidisciplinary teams challenged with designing industry-defining products and services, navigating ambiguity, and mediating forces of market, organization, and business transformation. He is constantly training for versatility and exploring the intersection of experience and economics.

Most recently, Ryan served as an executive-level intrapreneurial director inside an innovation lab at Carnival Corporation & PLC, the world’s largest leisure travel company. He was on the executive leadership team and led experience design for Fathom, a platform and global brand built to re-imagine travel and commercialize world-changing ideas. Carnival’s global family includes 10 cruise line brands serving 12 million travelers each year, across 100+ vessels, and 700 destinations worldwide.

Previously, Ryan was Strategy Director at the Portland and Tokyo based innovation studio Ziba, where he collaborated closely with Intel to envision and architect the future of computing. While there he supported Yale Executive School of Management as Program Faculty and worked with Ziba’s venture arm as a founding member of Citifyd, a smart mobility business focused on making everyday commuting easier and less expensive. He was also an inventor and principal designer of the Concord Harness, a helixed-exoskeletal undergarment de­signed to increase the longevity of para­plegic athletes during periods of extreme fatigue and used in the 2012 London Paralympics.

Ryan continues to explore the potential of visual storytelling and new media for social change. He is a film producer, alongside Iconoclast and Creative Visions Foundation on The Genesis Project, a series of art activations and short form non-fiction stories that dimensionalize, elevate, and expose the complex relationship we as a civilization have with water. With his wife Sabrina, he also co-founded Hellen Herald, a non-profit designed to instill scalable, flexible, and expertise-driven collaborations with com­munities around the globe in an effort to counter violent extremism.