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Sarah Allen


Sarah is a serial innovator with a history of developing leading-edge products, such as After Effects, Shockwave, Flash video, and OpenLaszlo. Most recently, Sarah led mobile strategy, design & development company, Blazing Cloud, as well as her own startup, Mightyverse, which aims to help people communicate across languages and cultures. Sarah is an expert in all things mobile, with a particular passion for effective animation and practical use of the mobile web. Sarah also actively works to diversify the tech community with RailsBridge, which she co-founded in 2009. Sarah and other RailsBridge volunteers created the parent organization BridgeFoundry in 2013, as a project of SchoolFactory, to foster such outreach efforts and establish a formal theory of change. Originally from the Boston area, Sarah studied Computer Science and Visual Art at Brown University. She lives with her husband, Bruce, and son, Jack, in San Francisco, CA.