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Vishal Dubey


Vishal Dubey headshot

Product architect, digital strategist, applied AI practitioner, digital health entrepreneur, innovation catalyst. Passionate about bringing innovation with process and technology redesign, centered around the wellbeing of humans and our planet (sustainability).

For over two decades, Vishal Dubey has been helping drive digital transformation and innovation in the Silicon Valley as an entrepreneur, product architect and executive/board advisor. He has led strategic and innovation initiatives for Fortune 100 Health and Tech companies (Kaiser, Walgreens, HP, Meta, Accenture and more) as well as for venture backed startups on ground up product development and market adoption.

He partners with executives and stakeholders to understand the needs and to help them with digital/AI/data strategy and new ventures. He specializes in creation of user/patient centric healthcare products/platforms, marketplaces and digital/AI driven enterprise transformation. He utilizes a combination of innovation frameworks like Exponential Transformation (ExO), Lean Startups, Design Thinking, Jobs To Be Done (JBTD).

Early on in his career, eager to transform Healthcare, Vishal co-founded Heal Deal, one of the first digital health startups to help uninsured patients with affordability and direct provider access. Driven by his passion for Healthcare, Vishal then joined Kaiser Permanente to envision and architect its digital strategy, including Kaiser’s Patient platform, one of the first digital front door for prevention, engagement and virtual care. Later he worked on incubation of data and AI driven products at innovation labs of tech companies, including HP and Meta. Most recently he worked with Walgreens on initiatives ranging from creation of Walgreens Health to digital transformation of its nationwide stores.

Over the last 15 years, Vishal has also been working with silicon valley startups as fractional CxO or Board advisor on Product Development, Adoption and Commercialization. To help and encourage entrepreneurship, Vishal also volunteers his time advising portfolio companies of startup accelerators working with Astia (Women entrepreneurs), Stanford StartX and CLSI.

Vishal received his dual Master’s degree in Systems Science and Industrial Engineering from Louisiana State University, and later an MBA from University of California, Davis. He continues to acquire new knowledge, especially in AI via continuous learning programs from Stanford and other sources.