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Vivian Lee


Vivian Lee headshot

Marketing and advertising leader, telling dynamic stories on innovative platforms.

Vivian Lee is a marketing and advertising leader with diverse experiences building insight-driven, cross-channel, innovative digital campaigns from concept to market. She has worked across Microsoft’s consumer and commercial divisions, leveraging the latest innovations in marketing to educate customers, build thought leadership, and create tangible community impact.

After graduating from Harvard with a B.A. in Psychology, she established herself as a dynamic storyteller across multiple Microsoft businesses. She has launched campaigns for products ranging from Windows and Xbox to Azure and Dynamics. Most notably, she led a diverse team in creating and implementing an award-winning campaign across 92 markets for Microsoft’s International Women’s Day campaign to address the gender gap in STEM. Outside of Microsoft, she advises several non-profits and local government organizations on designing marketing & communications campaigns, tackling misinformation issues, and navigating complex digital problems.

As a marketing practitioner, she is passionate about exploring the dual nature of marketing as a conduit for both education and harm. She is interested in proactively shaping the future of marketing and advertising by establishing strong public-private partnerships, educating the public, and creating comprehensive policy to create an equitable and transparent digital landscape.