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Zach Goldfine


Zach Goldfine headshot

Generalist, systems thinker, statistical-minded, persistently curious. Formerly Basketball Operations in the NBA, Director / Founder @ Startups, and Political Advocate @ RepresentUS.

Zach enjoys building teams, seeing projects and products through from conception to reflection, and solving complex problems. More specifically, Zach loves: - Dissecting challenges and finding solutions using data, empathy, collaboration, and rigor. - Making people around him feel like their most creative, valued, and capable selves. - Uniting a diverse set of interests toward a common high-level goal.

Zach began his career doing sales and statistical work for NBA teams. He then joined a startup as an early employee and helped them grow to a $35MM valuation. Next, he started and worked on a company that made it easier for blue-collar workers to find and land jobs. Most recently, he wrote business-automation software used by small business owners across the US and Canada, graduated from the first iteration of a new Minerva educational experiment (Minerva’s Masters of Science in Applied Analyses & Decision-Making), and helped pass two pieces of legislation that reduce the influence of money in politics.

In his free time, he likes to scour cities for their best burritos, read non-fiction books in the realm of psychology, play chess, travel with his girlfriend, and have deep discussions with anyone open to having one!