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Abrar Qureshi


Abrar Qureshi headshot

A technologist and a believer in continuous re-imagination and simplification.

Abrar Qureshi is a design thinker, a polyglot, and a creative technologist who wears multiple hats and wears them well. With a growth mindset and a can-do attitude, he strives to tackle difficult challenges and solve complex problems with simple and scalable solutions.

Abrar has led teams and delivered numerous strategic business initiatives in the banking, financial services, and fin-tech sector over his professional career, while working at Freddie Mac, Capital One and HelloWallet/KeyBank. He is equally comfortable zooming out to look at the bigger picture and devise high-level strategies and zoom in to provide tactical guidance and expertise.

Inspired by grassroots nonprofits’ challenges in growing and engaging their audience, he has recently envisioned and built a mobile app that democratizes access to an effective and affordable digital platform for nonprofits. It simplifies and incentivizes individuals and businesses to discover and support the nonprofits’ social impact campaigns while providing social glue for the community.

He has a strong background and interest in full-stack digital solution design and engineering, databases, cloud architecture, data engineering, data democratization, and AI/ML strategy.