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Soni Meckem


Soni Meckem headshot

Customer experience, healthcare, and tech strategist, systems thinker, connector. CIO. Mathematician. Statistician. Lifelong learner.

Soni Meckem’s passion is innovative and transformational leadership, coaching, and making radical improvements in outcomes for individuals, businesses, government, and the planet using Customer Driven Innovation (CDI) and Lean Startup. She leverages advances in information, technology, and medicine to re-imagine our reactive healthcare ecosystem.

Her Silicon Valley positions with Cisco, Intuit, PayPal, and Sun include extensive domestic and international experience in enterprise-wide Customer Experience, Innovation, Operational Excellence, Change Adoption, and Business Operations. She was the CIO of Miami-Dade County, the 4th largest court system in the U.S. Her background includes both mature and pre-IPO organizations and strong cross-organizational project execution. With an enthusiastic, rapid, results-oriented approach to success, she has a passion for white spaces, collaborative work environments, and tackling barriers to customer success and business outcomes.

With broad experience in healthcare, technology, government, and financial industries, Soni excels at leading and re-engineering complex global organizations experiencing periods of strategic change that require creating a new strategic framework, business, or operating model.