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Fellows - page 3

Soni Meckem

Customer experience, healthcare, and tech strategist, systems thinker, connector. CIO. Mathematician. Statistician. Lifelong learner.

Sarayu Srinivasan

Venture capital investor; consumer and technology executive; founder and CEO. Worked at KAARGO, University of Edinburgh, Intel Capital, Pepsi, Harvard Business School.

Ryan Fiorentino

Designer, founder, and corporate innovation leader. Equipping multidisciplinary teams to design industry defining products and services, navigate ambiguity, and mediate forces of market, organization, and business transformation.

Robert Goldel

Founder, Neuroscientist, Data-Driven Technologist. Two decades of working at the intersection of cognition, behavior, and the brain, solving for human health and performance concerns with industry, non-profit, and government partners across populations.

Rana Saad

Innovator. Entrepreneur. Thought leader with more than 20 years of innovation and digital focused global experience, combining consulting and advisory with entrepreneurship and startups.

Patrick Lin

Successful entrepreneur (3 companies / 1 IPO), Strategist, Team Builder, Lifelong Learner, 20+ years of experience in the U.S. and across Asia implementing transformational innovation to over 30 million stakeholders

Nevin Taylor

Strategist, transformational innovator, and catalyst to collaboration. 34 years of leadership in industry, academia, and government. Actualizes the inherent value of data to unleash the power of information.

Nelson A. Colón Vargas

Mathematician, data scientist, and educator with 10 years of experience in analytics ranging from academia, to startups, and Fortune 100 companies.

Michael Pritchard

Tinkerer, developer, executive, investor and entrepreneur building teams and companies.

Maura Newell

Researcher and designer for social impact. Organizational strategist and facilitator. Passionate about solving complex challenges and creating more equitable outcomes for communities.