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Fellows - page 4

Maria Lynne Dayton

Seasoned social entrepreneur and systems designer with more than 20 major development and IT projects deployed globally.

Joy Whitt

Developer, data analyst, and tech inclusion leader. Over 13 years of civic engagement and public service experience.

Georgeta Dragoiu

Entrepreneur, business strategist, and public relations professional, shaping public policy debates through strategic communications and creative stakeholder engagement.

Clarice Chan

Social impact technologist applying user-centered design to solve human-centered problems at scale.

Ali Diallo

Entrepreneur, mentor, writer, and strategist focused on mobile technology, media, and social impact. Partner at United Ventures and Global Manager at MIT.

Adele Luta

Scientist and instructor with operational experience developing technical solutions as part of a multidisciplinary teams.

Adam Drake

Technology leader. People and process advisor. High-performance computing, machine learning, distributed systems enthusiast. Student. Teacher.

Zach Goldfine

Generalist, systems thinker, statistical-minded, persistently curious. Formerly Basketball Operations in the NBA, Director / Founder @ Startups, and Political Advocate @ RepresentUS.

Stephen Matthew Wisniew

Leader, Entrepreneur, Human-Centered Designer, Operational Designer, Formerly @USArmy @drum10thmtn @173rdAbnBde @82ndABNDiv, Currently CEO, Stephen Matthew Designs, LLC

Stephen Winchell

Physicist, Engineer, Futurist. Complex systems architect.