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Fellows - page 5

Ken Kato

Thought leader. Technology disruptor. Innovator. Experienced in solving problems from bare metal to cloud. Steeped deeply in agile methods and development. Track record of success as a change agent in highly regulated industries.

Kaeli Yuen

MD and clinical informaticist experienced in research, product management, and health information technologies. Excited about leading data- and compassion-driven transformation of healthcare and medicine.

Joshua Farrar

Helping agencies with digital transformation initiatives, software and enterprise architecture, analytics design, data collection, analysis, and reporting.

Johnny Martin

Entrepreneur, software architect, startup founder, leader, teacher. Hands-on technologist, computer science Ph.D. who still writes code.

Irtaza Barlas

Lifelong Learner, Researcher, Technologist, Teambuilder, and Innovator. Architect and developer of complex systems, and a student of literature, religion, and history.

Gina Valo

Customer operations and software delivery executive with expertise in scaling high-growth technology organizations.Experienced leader of people, processes, and organizational change.

George Chewning

Veteran advocate and lifelong learner. Being a part of something greater than myself is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

Devin Brande

Technologist and innovator aspiring to help develop and deliver the next generation of solutions to everyday users. Experienced at the intersection of venture-backed innovation and the U.S. Government.

Dennis Chornenky

Strategy and policy consultant in artificial intelligence and emerging technology. Twenty years of experience in healthcare, technology, and financial services as an investment banker, entrepreneur, and operating partner.

Christopher Corpuel

Innovation and growth leader balancing creative thinking with pragmatism and achievement-oriented focus to deliver meaningful solutions that make a difference in people’s lives.